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All About Andrew Couch

I grew up in a small town in Missouri with a close family that bonded heavily through film and music. When I realized how much people could connect through media, I was inspired to become a creator myself and tell stories with my work. I started my journey in this industry by going to Missouri State University in Springfield, MO where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Arts.

I was fortunate enough to put my education to the test by working at a professional TV Production Studio (KOLR10) in Springfield where I ran audio, video, and mixing of live musical shows. After gaining about 2 years of experience there, I decided to branch out and move to St. Louis, where I started working for a non-profit trade association (Painting Contractors Association) developing podcasts, educational videos, tutorials, promotional material, and live shows. I  currently hold a similar role at Ittner Architects as a Video Production Specialist.

Through my experiences, I have developed a skillset of making music, mixing audio, voice acting, video editing, video production, directing live streams, graphic design, and building assets for content. 

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